Burn TS® Advanced Weight Loss Formula

Metabolism & Energy Booster, Appetite Suppressant & Effective Natural Thermogenic Supplement

“Absolutely love this product!”

After 3 bottles I'm only 5lbs away from my 25 pounds goal. I've learned that weight loss takes time but if you give it enough time & implement healthy habits, losing the weight is inevitable.”

Jim Smith

About Burn TS®

Meratrim, the main ingredient in Burn TS, has been shown in 3 randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies to significantly decrease body weight, and reduce waist and hip circumferences when combined with diet and exercise.
  • 11
    Pound Weight Loss

    Results seen in 8 weeks

  • 4X
    Times More Effective

    Than diet & exercise alone

  • 3
    Clinical Studies

    Gold Standard Clinical Trial Design

Advanced Weight Management
& Weight Loss Formulation

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    For Weight Loss

    Meratrim: An 8-week clinical study published in Obesity and Journal of Medicinal Food showed Meratrim led to significant reduction in weight compared to placebo.

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    For Weight Management

    ChromeMate: Found in studies at Georgetown University and University of Texas to help manage a healthy body weight.

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    For Boosting Energy Levels

    Green Tea Extract: Shown in numerous studies, including one published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, to result in sustainable weight loss, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

Why choose Burn TS® over alternatives?


More Effective Than Diet & Exercise Alone

In a double-blind clinical study, Meratrim, the main ingredients in Burn TS, was found to be 4 More Effective in weight loss than diet and exercise alone.

Support Weight Management

ChromeMate, an ingredient in Burn TS, has been shown in clinical research to help support healthy weight management.

Stop Procrastinating

The time to start making positive decisions for your future, and your family's future, is now. You cannot control time, but you can control your lifestyle and your decisions.

Morning Boost

Included in Burn TS is a dose of caffeine to give your day a nice boost. Please do not mix with caffeinated drinks. Consult your physician if you are sensitive to caffeine before starting Burn TS.

  • Burn TS is a product I know will keep me focused on my goals. I highly recommend it and am 100% satisfied with the results. I will continue using Burn TS to reach my weight loss objectives and I say Thank You!!

  • I noticed right away that I was losing my “evening” cravings when I began Burn TS and I am hopeful that not only will I lose the weight I need to but that I will be able to keep it off as well!

  • I have had no headaches, jitters or sleeplessness like other products that I have tried. This is by far the best non-prescriptive product that I have taken. Burn TS lives up to all the claims that have been expressed by others.

    Jan T.

To help you get started, Burn TS® includes
the following FREE gifts with all orders:

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    Total Health

    A companion web app developed to help you achieve your weight-loss goals.

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    Getting Started Guide

    A 34 page overview of the Burn TS system along with frequently asked questions.

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    21 Cheat Foods Guide

    A fun and effective e-book to help you find foods you will actually enjoy while dieting.

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    Daily Pill Case

    Never leave home without your daily dose of Burn TS in this convenient carry case.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Burn TS ingredients?

A blend of Meratrim, ChromeMate, green tea extract and caffeine.

Does it REALLY work?

Results vary, that’s just part of how our bodies are made, but the ingredients in Burn TS have been researched and shown to help boost fat loss, spark metabolism and bump up that energy level.

How should Burn TS be taken?

Burn TS is designed to be taken twice daily. One capsule about 30 minutes before breakfast and another about 30 minutes before lunch. One bottle lasts precisely 30 days. Taking more does not speed up weight loss.

How easy is it to reach someone in customer service?

Customer service agents are available Monday-Friday at 1-844-964-3258. Calls typically hold fewer than 30 seconds. You can also send an email via the contact form for a response within hours for information in regards to canceling, trial extensions, and more.

Can I return Burn TS?

Of course. The product is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling when applicable.

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